Support of the Master Program Clinical Health Psychology at the University of Pristina

To ensure a cooperation and dissemination of experience between the postgraduate trainings and the academic program at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Pristina, contents and expert input of the postgraduate trainings will be made available for students of the Master program. Hence, training workshop lecturers will also support this program with workshops and block seminars alongside workshops for the postgraduate trainings. Please find a short description of the Support of the Mater Program Clinical health Psychology as pdf-file here.


Workshop Lecturer Dates
Diagnostics in Psychology

Prof. Dr. Jan Henk Kamphuis

(University of Amsterdam)

25. - 29.11.2013
Health Psychology

Dr. Beate Ditzen

(University Zuerich)

27. - 31.01.2014
Clinical Practicum

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Nexhmedin Morina

(University of Amsterdam)

21. - 25.04.2014. 


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