Postgraduate Training in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

The Postgraduate Training in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy is 3-year program and consists of six constituent parts (Training, Supervision, Personal Therapy, Clinical Practice, Clinical Casework and Exam, for details see below). The training and its content are evidence-based and all lecturers are selected due to their clinical, scientific and didactic excellence, experience and reputation. The project encompasses methods, techniques, models and proceedings from all major psychotherapeutical orientations (i.e. cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, dynamic, systemic and experiential approaches) with proven effectiveness and efficacy. Explicitly, the cultural adaptation of all contents is actively sought to ensure the feasibility and applicability in the Kosovarian context.

Psychologists with Master degree in Psychology OR with a Diploma in Psychology/Bachelor degree in Psychology and a temporary or a basic license are eligible for the Postgraduate Training in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. Since a continuous clinical practice is an obligatory requirement of the program, an occupation or employment as a clinical psychologist throughout the Postgraduate Training in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy is essential. Participants need to be able to speak and read English. The number of participants will be 20. The first run of the Postgraduate Training in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy will start in January 2013. There is no tuition fee for the program; however there will be additional costs for the Personal Therapy. The training compromises the following modules:



The training compromises a minimum of 500 h of face-to-face trainings, organized in two- or three-day workshops with Swiss, international and Kosovarian experts. The workshops are organized in five basic tracks (Principles of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Skills in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Psychodiagnostics, Applied Psychology and Mental Disorders in adults as well as in children and adolescents), so that participants will be knowledgeable and capable in the etiology and diagnosis, the psychotherapeutic approaches in the treatment of mental disorders and psychological problems and the areas where clinical psychology and psychotherapy is applicable. In the following, the tracks and the content of the workshops are briefly described (All workshop-dates, each lecturer and place of each workshop you find as pdf-file here):


Clinical Practice

The module Clinical Practice encompasses three years of full time work (40 hours), of which at least 20h of clinical work and at most 20h of other learning activities, such as education, personal therapy, administration, etc. in an institution, which fulfills the requirements of the Residency program of the Ministry of Health, Republic of Kosovo.


Clinical Casework

The module Clinical Casework compromises 500h of documented and supervised clinical casework in different areas of clinical psychology and psychotherapy. The clinical casework needs to be signed by a mentor, licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. Additionally, trainees are required to submit three written case reports of their clinical casework. Case report can be written on any meaningful clinical case, so that this is not bound to a given number of sessions.  



The module of Supervision encompasses 200h of supervision and provides the opportunity to discuss and obtain feedback by experienced clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. Supervision will be offered in two different setting. First, 100 h of supervision will be organized as group supervision in one- or three-day workshops with Swiss, international and Kosovarian experts. Second 100h, consisting of 50h small-group supervision with 4-6 participants and 50h by individual supervision, will be done with participants of the Training in Supervision in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.


Personal therapy

In the module Personal Therapy, which consists of 100h of personal therapy, participants obtain first-person insights into psychotherapeutical processes as well as discuss personal issues with regard to their own work as clinical psychologists and psychotherapists.

Self-awareness held by Ass. -Prof. Dr. Nexhmedin Morina held at 20. - 22. August 2015

Self-awareness held by Ass. -Prof. Dr. Nexhmedin Morina and Lic. phil. Naser Morina held at 26. - 29. August 2015



A final exam will be performed at the end of the Postgraduate Training in Clinical Psychology.


Please find a short description of the Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy in Kosovo project as pdf-file here.


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