Current mental health services in Kosovo are by large not able to meet mental health needs of the Kosovar population. Here, services of clinical psychologists and psychotherapists are an effective approach to tackle these problems. Clinical psychologists and psychotherapists are able to recognize, diagnose and treat mental health problems and neuropsychological problems as well as developmental and schooling problems in children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Therefore, the Kosovar society would benefit substantially from the implementation of academic training structures in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, ranging from graduate academic training at the university master degree level, postgraduate trainings in clinical psychology and psychotherapy as well as the training of supervisors in clinical psychology and psychotherapy. These training structures need to be enclosed in the existing academic as well as public mental health services and accompanied by political support and approval of legal status of clinical psychologists and psychotherapists. This graduate and postgraduate training system needs to be a modular and thus flexible to comply with the special needs and legal regulations in Kosovo while also being compatible with European standards.

The core elements of the project Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy in Kosovo are postgraduate trainings and the support to the graduate Master Program of the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Pristina, Kosovo. The postgraduate trainings are in accordance with the licensing regulations for clinical psychologists and psychosocial counselors as well as the Residency Board issued by the Ministry of Health of Kosovo.



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